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Apply Reset Filter. Grid List. View Product. Spend more time shooting and less time View Product Add to Basket. This aftermarket safety for the FX Impact is another way to customize your gun and make it your own. View Product Pick Options. This adjustable stock is a must if you are shooting the Impact from the bench. Macro and micro adjustments are extremely easy with the quick throw lever and spinning This is made entirely from plastic, Available Calibers:.

Probe only. New designed single shot loader or Single shot tray for the FX Impact. In cooperation with some of the leading meter bench rest shooters Huma has re-designed a single shot loader to achieve the best aligned single shot loader for quick and undamaged The Smooth Twist X Barrel is a fully rifled barrel liner.

This in turn You will need to purchase this kit if you have an Impact X or Gen 1 Impact and would like to use the new bigger magazine. FX shows that they are able to innovate not just within airguns themselves, but in other areas of the shooting sports.

The FX No Limit scope rings are a perfect for longer range shooting as you can vertical adjust and angle your mounts so you can always Custom designed by This is the inner barrel breech o-ring for the STX barrel systems. We have also found it shoots Nielsen Specialty Ammo Slugs just as well, We usually recommend buying a caliber bigger than what you will be shooting to avoid clipping.

This product replaces the factory FX Impact shroud and is extremely quiet. This package comes with Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Upgrades and Repairs Testimonials See all. It has transformed my gun and brought it to a new level well worth the money. Brilliant service from the company who have been very helpful and quick to reply. Happy customer???????????? It is not for This Regulator returns the peak performance of your un-regulated gun with the advantages of a regulator.

Mine is now tuned at bar for the Hades. If you wish to just shoot the heavier gr pellets or slugs setting the regulator to Bar would be advised to attain approx fps 50fpe. My Condor. I have never been happier and recommend to all Fantastic job PCPTunes.


The unit itself appears well-made and durable, unlike Fewer shots per fill is noticeable due no doubt to the rifle's increased power. I now have a rifle that is consistent within its power band which inspires confidence resulting in much improved accuracy. Overall I'm please with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who is currently not sure. The assembly was The change in power impessive. Benjamin pistol is not Very happy. Had to use pliers to tighten down.

Juat a puff once moderator put on. Very pleased. Much easier to aim and hold steady. Gave it the pound test out back with a 2x4. Also got the parts to fix my factory valve with the high flow valve. Valve didn't like that heavy spring, broke the bushing in half and the bushing spring looked drunk.

Learned some things messing with these valves. Funny I'm finally leaving this review 1and a half years after buying it. Da wirst du wie ein Verbrecher behandelt, Brilliant service and a beautifully engineered valve.

So many more shots per fill and extremely consisitent. Like all It could be improved by adding a filling valve dust cover to it but I guess this would put the cost up.Europe Airguns is a company specializing in compressed air and PCP air rifles and all the necessary accessories for both the occasional shooter and the most demanding competitor. About us Blog Contact Us.

Caliber 4,5 o. Add to cart. Tube Fx Crown Continuum. Special for DreamLine Compact. Premium Pic Rail Bipod. Lightweight aluminum construction.

Fx Blue. Fast action. Saber Tactical. Unfilled and Filled ffront bag. Made specifically for FX Airguns. For Slugs. Valid for all models. FX A FX FX B Made for FX airguns. For walnut or laminate stock. For FX Impact. Multi-axial Tilting Base. Multi axial. UIT and Picatinny. For all models ST barrel. Fit Model Long Action Rifles.

Model Short Action Rifle. For Pistol. Retractable Stock. Arrow tube for FX Dreamline.The Impact MkII comes delivered in a compact hard case. Every so often there are leaps forward in technology that forever change our perception of what is possible.

The FX Impact is such a phenomenon and has permanently pushed forward the boundaries of what to expect from an air rifle. This all-in-one air rifle has been engineered to satisfy the most demanding airgun shooter with high-performance features. The Impact is completely adjustable: air valve control, hammer spring tension, and even regular adjustments can be made externally to allow for various shooting scenarios. The Impact now incorporates the new FX Smooth Twist X Barrel which is housed in the Interchangeable Barrel Liner System allowing the shooter to swap and change barrel liners of various twist rates, bore specifications and more; all to tailor the barrel to different projectile sizes.

The breech and barrel assembly also incorporate a quick-change system that allows to change caliber with ease. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber. Note: Caliber. The smooth side cocking lever is placed perfectly above the trigger to allow for the quickest possible follow-up shot.

This high powered and tactical, yet lightweight and compact airgun is a sensational piece of cutting-edge technology. With all these features wrapped into one rifle, the FX Impact will continue to be the benchmark for air rifles worldwide.

Massive power upgrade ! This exciting new addition will take the FX Impact to whole new level as it opens up the ability to shoot an even wider variety of airgun projectiles especially airgun slugs at optimum velocities, all while obtaining the unmatched accuracy that FX Airguns are known for. A plenum in an airgun, is the chamber of compressed air located before the transfer port. The air it contains is released when the trigger is pulled. The air then rushes through the valve opening behind the projectile and propels it down the barrel.

The amount of air pressure combined with the volume of air released is one of the key aspects to achieve velocity. The benefits of the FX Power Plenum are numerous. Increased shot count per fill With the addition of the Power Plenum, the 75 shots per fill that the standard tuned. Lower regulator pressure required You get the same velocity result with lower regulator pressure due to the Power Plenum.

Lower pressure will also result in less wear and tear maintenance to your rifle. While retaining the popular flexibility of the already iconic and ground-breaking Impact, the new Impact MKII with the FX Power Plenum, brings airgunning to a whole new exceptional level for countless shooters worldwide.

Impact Caliber 9mm. Impact Sniper Edition Sniper Edition comes with mm barrel not available in. Compact Edition Compact version comes with cc bottle and shorter barrel. Available in caliber. Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for the maximum setting.

Due to differences in regulations the rifle might be set to a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info. Length mm 6. Higher velocities can be obtained Increased shot count per fill With the addition of the Power Plenum, the 75 shots per fill that the standard tuned. Cocking system Forward positioned sidelever Magazine type Removable high capacity 38 shot when Cal.

Energy 4,5. Removable high capacity 38 shot when Cal. Built-In Shroud system with additional moderator. One for airtube pressure One for regulator pressure.Last night I took my MKII apart add a few improvements and rebuild, here are some pictures and findings. Before surgery. Now let's go for the valve and the valvetube, first difference due the new mag, you can not access direct to the holding screw of the valve housing.

The threaded part of the ValveSeat is wider than the old one 2mm wider. Internals changes made: New VS 6. In order to add an external plenum, is needed to remove the lower "bridge" of one ValveHousing or mill without doing this you have an obstructed path and there is no point adding it.

Here a pic where you see the VH "blocking" the gauge hole but is good enough for the gauge. I do not think the external plenum is needed due the extra ValveTube size on the mk2, but further test needed on my side. And a new rail for the bipod, pressure again, in b, left it overnight for leaks, check it this morning and b spot on, so all good. Next: Vortex 60X is coming.

Quick FPS test reg b shooting monsters And do not forget, if this post helps, a simple thanks is good enough for me. And the bad news Very cool.

Thanks for sharing, I'm sure you just answered a lot of questions that a lot of us have been wanting to know.

FX Accessories

Edosan, how are the gauges checking out for accuracy? They kind of look like Wika's externally. If so that'll be a huge improvement. Thanks, still waiting for my MKII parts, where did the bottle come from if you dont mind me asking?

So the only changes you made on the MK2 was the valve seat diameter, hammer weight and C3 bumper? How about the velocities? Any changes? Bottle: TalonTunes, if you check the pic you can see the logo. Gauges: Yes they look wika but donno, probably not, do not remember the name right now, but those might be the same brand than the digitals shown on IWA. So far they look accurate but need more time to tell.

More Power? BTW: mk2 shoot slugs out of the box regarding more power I just love tinkering and get the best of it. And I was curious to see the diferences with my "normal" old X! You said the difference between the old and the new valve housing is the thread. What about the rest of the body, are they the same diameter?

Point is, you can not use the old valvehousing with the new valvetube. Thanks for posting the tear down. Pretty cool to see the inner workings of such a complex instrument.Apply Reset Filter. Grid List. View Product. Add this product with your selected cerakote color to your cart before checking out.

View Product Pick Options. Ronin is big and bold, but it looks great even on compact bullpups. If you thought Sumo was quiet wait until you hear Shogun.

Shogun is just like Sumo but 1. Donny added an additional 1 inch chamber as well as increase the first expansion chamber by. If you will need an extra bottle please order one View Product Add to Basket. This is a high capacity magazine, designed for the FX Impact platform.

It is made from aluminium and cut by CNC machine. They do not have a spring hole for firearm installation. The Tactical Deluxe is a larger more rounded grip than the The Tactical Deluxe with Palm Shelf is the same size and shape as the Tactical Deluxe grip but has the addition of an adjustable palm shelf to support your firing hand. This grip excels on precision and benchrest air rifles. This extended quick disconnect QD makes it easy for those guns with hard to reach fill nipples.

A must have for FX Impacts. This tank is a heavier steel which is great for adding weight to a bench gun. Also they are much more This is a female foster fitting that is male threaded.

This can thread into most hand pumps and tank hoses on the market. Adjustable cheek rests fits all models of FX Impacts.

Matt Dubber + Utah Airguns: SPECIAL EDITION High Power FX Impact - 70+ FPE .22

Especially nice Competitions, shooting ranges, or at home it is important to be safe and ensure your gun is clearly marked as safe.

The chamber flag also helps with keeping debris Who doesn't like more time shooting? If this is your first time purchasing a Fx Impact High Capacity Magazine you will need to purchase the These are the original high capacity Side-Shot magazines made with aluminum.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Lots of expertise. FX Airguns is one of the most famous brands among airgun companies.

Whether it is the Smooth Twist Barrel or the adjustable regulators, we have it all in our selection. In case you need personal advice on any of our FX Airguns or the accessories, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. Customer Service. Contact and opening hours Ordering process Payment methods Shipping and delivery Return and exchange Warranty and repair Complaints. Home FX Airguns. Close Close. Shop By. Shopping Options Close filtering.

New items Used good cond. Minimal magnification. Rifle case 1 item Show less. Suitable for tube diameter. Pellet shape. Dome head 3 items Hollow point 2 items Show less.

Power source. PCP 34 items Show less. Maximal magnification. Objective diameter mm. Energy Joule. Yes 2 items Show less. Magazine Capacity. No magazine 1 item 1 2 items 7 1 item 8 4 items 9 3 items 11 2 items 12 2 items 13 3 items 14 15 items 16 22 items 18 22 items 22 1 item 23 2 items 28 4 items Show less. Yes 4 items Show less. Riflescope included. No 32 items Yes 1 item Show less. Stock material. No 4 items Show less.

Mounting rail type. Mil-Dot 2 items Show less. Quick release. Stop pin. Yes 2 items No 2 items Show less.

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