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Forgot your password? By honda94clarkOctober 16, in Banshee Repairs and Mods. I know that this has probally been covered about a dozen times, but I cannot find anything on this topic. The reason I ask is because I am going to put a banshee engine in a crf frame and hillclimb it. I am just curious What the best move is.

Yes they are the same but only the Liquid cooled rd They have power valved cylinders though. You would need all the electronics to make that setup work. To start The Banshee and RZ engines are almost idnetical in regards to everything except the cylinders on up. The cases and cranks are interchangeable. The RZ has powervalve cylinders and a different head. You can put an RZ top end on a Banshee and vice versa.

The RD ingine is totally different. There are aftermarket electronic ignitions for the RD engine though. I happen to manufacture one of them BTW It was sold in Canada and Europe. It more closely resembles the RZ except it doesn't have powervalves in the cylinders. If the motor does not have to be completely stock it would be hard for a judge at an event to tell whether you were running a Banshee motor or an RZ motor unless he decodes your VIN numbers on the motor.

There are plenty of RZ owners who remove the powervalve cylinders and replace tham with aftermarket banshee cylinders. They still make decent power too. The RD motor is very similar to the RD as well. I dont want someone to get tricky and try to run the numbers, So i want something that will use the tranny, crank,cylinders, and all the electronics from a banshee.

RD350 YPVS at Cadwell Park

I will probally buy a built motor and then stuff everthing into the older cases. We have already built a RD in a cr frame and its a screamer we just built the frame, as I dont have any experience with these engines yet. It was RD here in Eorope. Water cooled with out YPVS. Come on man!!! He's confused enough already!!!!

Yeah I was confused when I asked the question I knew one of them was close but i didnt know what one it was. I already bought a set of Rz cases last night. So if you live in canda and find a Liquid cooled RD, you can buy a big bore kit designed for a banshee and mod it as such? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Banshee Repairs and Mods.The model designations listed above and throughout this website are used for reference and fitment purposes only.

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rd350 big bore kit

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rd350 big bore kit

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rd350 big bore kit

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Read times. I am looking for a reasonably priced cylinder kit for my RD, one I can just slap on and go, then have the machine work done on mine and keep them as a spare for later. Has anyone used this kit from VITO's performance? Any idea on the quality or where the parts are sourced from?

The price seems reasonable. Don't forget that you will get customs charges and V. T when it comes into the country that you will need to factor into the price. Unless you can convince the seller to lower it considerably, which is doubtful on such a heavy, obviously expensive item, like this Paul. I've followed this type of product offer with interest but as yet there still only seems to be one source, just many outlets.

Maybe ask them if there are 39BHp version. If they don't know, then that's a problem. If they say no, then that's a problem and if they say yes but they are not then you will have good basis to complain Quote from: ozmadman on December 03,AM. That's a good find. Their website has some interesting stuff if the quality is there. Please keep the forum updated with your findings if you purchase a set. You might even consider being the U. S supplier to the UK!For some of you this is it, the best most versatile bike on the planet.

Maybe streetbike anyway. Quite simply the most fun one can have on the street. Yamaha produced the RZ from to The last models sold in Brazil looking a lot like the FZR of their time.

RZ 350 Parts

Integrated YPVS and loads of power in a lightweight package the RZ packed a serious punch against many of its bigger cc brothers. WP has tuned several of these little monsters to incredible levels. WP has developed multiple porting specs for this engine to suit a wide variety of uses of the bike. If you really want to blow the doors off the competition or that pesky GXer down the street WP can build a custom RZ engine using aftermarket big-bore cylinders.

Up to cc killer streetbike sleeper cause it still says RZ on the bellypan! Let WP take care of your beloved RZ and show it the care only you and those who appreciate these fine old streetbikes can.

Client Testimonials. Stay updated via RSS. Blueprint Basic Blueprint rebuild of the stock engine. What Yamaha should have done. Stock intake boots.

Polished intake boots. Recommend mm carburetors If you really want to blow the doors off the competition or that pesky GXer down the street WP can build a custom RZ engine using aftermarket big-bore cylinders. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 10 of Does anyone know for sure if this will work? Im looking to build a high cc, x and looking for different options.

Join Date Oct Location Northeast -- 17, Give him some time or jump it to the top in a few days. You can sleeve the x cylinder with that, but that head would be pretty restrictive at that point I would think.

Then the sleeve needs to be cut down to fit the cylinder. Look for my ascot head swap thread in the mad scientist section. All your questions will be answered.

Originally Posted by Vealmonkey. I have It has been done and will be done again soon! LOL It will be a way different option for the head though. My buddy has a cc TC built x and it a beast!

Smoke s and anything that pulls up beside it. I talked to mickey dunlap today, im going to call Tom at TC monday and see what he has to say. Smoking a built up is no big deal with a big motor. My buddy was once sponsored by TC and I can tell you one thing for sure. The motor he or any builder will sell you is NOT the same motor that his riders get.

My porter has seen Toms sponsored heads and that's what I have, but he don't do side work anymore for anyone other then friends. Rides, Events, Locations.

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There are a lot of options out there and you really do need your wits about you to choose and build one So I've created this page as a 'Big Bore Primer' to help those who are thinking about building their own monster motor to gather some grounding in what this subject is all about.

Ok, first a few things to get us all on the same page A bigger cc motor is generally created in two ways, increasing the bore or the stoke, or both. And so on. All of the larger bore cylinders were created for the Banshee ATV.

rd350 big bore kit

Bear in mind that these guys will spend a lot of money to create a special engine to win races If you want to fit these units to a road bike, then you really need to do a lot of due diligence and read up and talk to suppliers about the products they sell. Most have never fitted them to a bike, and have no idea about road tunes for use in traffic situations. Many cylinders have large ports that eat rings and need a lot of maintenance as befits a race machine.

Lots of ebay sellers and others websites just on-sell boxed kits that look good value. They may work fine but a specialist who builds engines and works on them will be a better bet than a cheap kit and no after sales backup. Always talk to the supplier and get a feel for what they know before you buy.

What prompted me to do this page was that on the forums there had been a lot of people asking the same questions over and over in different forms, so rather than the same few guys keep answering I tried to write up what is needed in a single place.

Can I go bigger with my old Yamaha cylinders? Yes, you can increase both bore and stroke to add cc's. Standard bore of the OEM cylinders is 64mm, Yamaha will sell you pistons and rings up to 65mm, aftermarket maximum bore is 66mm some say larger but it leaves a thin wall in the sleeve and potentially cuts into the PVs. Adding a stroked crank will also add capacity, but is a little more involved. Can I do anything like this with my motor? Well, yes, and the old cylinders make good paperweights.

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